• Standing Seam Metal Roofing. . . A Lifetime Roof

    No Screw Holes - No Snow Loads

    One of the most appealing aspects of standing seam metal roofing is that it lasts a lifetime. Metal is the most cost-effective roofing material on the market. Whether your roofing needs are simple or complex Walker & Company Roofing can fabricate and install the roof of your choice from a wide range of styles and colors to satisfy your design needs.

    Ageless Grace. . . Metal Roofing
    A long time favorite of architects, builders, engineers and designers, standing seam metal roofing is now used on not only commercial buildings, but residential homes as well. Standing seam metal roofing can be installed on simple or complex roofing systems. It has crisp lines and unbroken panels from ridge to eve to ensure maximum weather tightness.

    The standing seam roof is named for the folding between two pieces of the metal roofing. This is what forms the water tight seal. The folded tab runs the full length of the sheet metal. 
    The shape of the seam can vary depending on the applications but we will get into that later. 

    This is better than the old way of installing metal sheets by having one piece go over the other and then screwing them together to the roof. When rain fell on the old type of metal roofing, the joint would sometimes be underwater, as the rain ran off the roof. Or the screws would deteriorate letting water into the hole.

    Standing seam roofing, however, raises the joint above the surface where water is running off the roof. Not even in the heaviest down pour of Hurricane Irene (where the rain fell 2 inches per hour) would the water be able to get between the panels.

    Each panel has metal clips attaching it to the roof framing. These are covered by the next panel and folded into the seam.  

    The reason I wanted to describe the attachments to you was to point out that there are no screws holes in the metal roofing. 

    Standing seam roofs were first used on commercial buildings. Architects and developers liked that they wouldn’t have to have another roof put on the building in the future, so the initial cost of the roof was cancelled out by any of the future repairs, replacement, and water damage that can occur with shingles.

    It used to be that it was hard to come by the equipment needed to manufacture the standing seam roofs. This meant that residential homes were not a good fit for the new technology because the project sizes were too small. 

    Now, there are many specialized installers of the roofing system and you can even order the metal pre-fabricated to your specifications to be installed by your local tradesman.

    Standing seam as a technological breakthrough is now common throughout New England and the United States.

    We have published a free report on standing seam metal roofing and you can get your copy by clicking on the book image below!